The Barnegat Bay Sneakbox

No other boat in production has the heritage, tradition, and history of the Barnegat Bay Sneakbox.   Originally designed for the tidal marshes of New Jersey, this boat was designed as a low profile boat capable of being tucked into the salt grass and disappearing.  It was also capable of handling the rough water and bringing the waterman safely home. 


Little has changed today, and it’s still a very effective method of hunting.  When the ducks get decoy shy and afraid to land next to those big boxy boat blinds, pull into a clump of marsh grass, throw out a handful of high quality decoys, screw in your open choke tube, lay back and wait for some close gunning. 


The Barnegat Bay design has been around for over 150 years for one reason:  it works! 


According to legendary writer Worth Mathewson in his classic book  Big December Canvasbacks There is no simply no one “best” duck boat.  But for a very wide range of hunting the modified Barnegat Bay Sneakbox made in fiberglass comes about as close as could be hoped for.” He goes on to say “One of the draws that the Barnegat holds for me has nothing to do with its utility or dependability.  Rather it simply appeals to me visually.  It also has a strong aura of historical importance.  At least part of my enjoyment of waterfowling comes through the use of handmade decoys, old double guns, and boats of old design made specifically for waterfowling.  Put simply, I never get tired of looking at a sneak box.  Of course it looks best out in the marsh, but during the off-season I’d bet I never walk past the two sneak boxes I own without subconsciously admiring them.  The Barnegat Bay Sneakbox may very well be the best waterfowl boat of all time, but there’s no question it’s the best looking.  It spells “duck” as much as a stack of old cedar decoys”.


12’ Classic Barnegat


The heart of our fleet is our 12’ Classic Barnegat.  There is no boat in production with more history and tradition than this one.  Designed for a hunter, his dog, his decoys, and his gear, this boat is rated for a 3 horsepower motor and 300#.   Price for this boat is $1,950.  That includes oarlocks, canvas spray shield, and rear decoy racks. 



14’ Classic Barnegat

For 2 hunters and a dog, or the hunter that wants extra room and stability, we offer the 14’ Classic Barnegat.  You still get the classic lines, rich tradition, stable hull design, and low profile in a “stretch” version.  This boat can also serve double duty as a family fishing boat in the summer months.  Price for this boat is $2,700.  That includes oarlocks, canvas spray shield, and rear decoy racks.


Boat Specifications



12' Barnegat

14' Barnegat














26” x 52”

30” x 96”

Max Engine

3 horsepower

7 horsepower