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Our goal at Classic Barnegat Sneakboxes is to provide the serious waterfowler with dependable, rugged gear that can stand up to the abuse of our sport while still maintaining the traditional aspects of our historic sport.  More importantly, we strive to provide items that are of the highest quality while still maintaining a reasonable price.


Whether it’s a traditional and sturdy boat, hand carved decoys, custom calls, survival suits, or various other items, you can bet that the gear offered at Classic Barnegat Sneakboxes will be of the highest quality and value.



Decoy Rigging / Flocking

Classic Barnegat Custom Longlines



The longline method of rigging decoys is indispensable when putting out the large quantities of decoys needed to simulate rafts of divers.  In this method, a large anchor is put at each end of a long “main line” and then a dozen or so decoys are clipped to that line using “droppers”.


There are two ways to store and use these longlines.  The most common way is to wrap  the mainline around a spool for storage, clip the anchor to each end, and clip the decoys to the mainline as it’s deployed each time.  This method works best for hunters concerned with space in their boats.


The second method is to take a large barrel, garbage can, or rigid decoy bag and put the bottom anchor in.  The main line is then coiled into the barrel with the decoys still attached.  When coming to the end of the line the last anchor is then taken off and the line is clipped to the top of the barrel.  When putting out the decoys, the top anchor is clipped on and deployed, then the main line is just uncoiled with the decoys.  This sounds like a tangle waiting to happen, but as long as the top anchor chord is clipped in place for transport and you grab the main line instead of the droppers, this is a much quicker and easier way to deploy the longline.


Classic Barnegat makes their longlines out of only the best .120 tarred line.  We also use heavy duty stainless steel lobster clips for each dropper.  Our standard longline features 20 feet of anchor line before the first decoy loop, and 6 feet of line between each decoy loop.  There is another 20 feet of anchor line after the last loop.  Droppers are a full 36 inches to avoid trouble with dogs or fouled motor props.  Custom sizes and configurations are also available, just give us a call.




Texas Decoy Rigs


The easiest way to transport, set out, and pick up large numbers of decoys in water 10’ or less is using the Texas decoy rig.  In this method, very heavy monofilament line is threaded through the decoy keel with a large loop at one end and a lead egg sinker at the other.  The decoys are transported by either clipping the loop on a carabiner  or throwing the decoys in a bag.  This is the original “tanglefree” system.  The rigid line, aluminum crimps, and in line decoy weight slide easily apart.


You will receive your order from Classic Barnegat partially assembled.  Simply slide the line through the decoy, form a loop, and crimp the connector with a vice or pliers.


This is by far the quickest way to put out decoys where the water depth doesn’t vary too much.  On the Texas Coast where a spread consists of hundreds of decoys, one hunter can put out over 100 decoys in less than ten minutes.  To pick up the decoys, walk through the spread and as you come to a decoy simply snap the loop on a carabiner, drag the decoys behind you, and walk to the next one.  There are no decoy bags to drag around, and no lines to wrap up.


When ordering, specify average water depth you hunt.


Price is per dozen.  Quantity discounts are available.





Decoy Flocking Kits

Canada Goose Flocking Kit Pro Grade Flocks 100 Heads     Pintail Flocking Kit


Before deciding on a flocking kit, we searched for one with high quality and great value before deciding on Fowl Flocker.  Fowl Flocker has the largest variety of decoy flocking kits on the market as well as kit sizes to fit your flocking needs. In addition, Fowl Flocker kits are the most economical we’ve found because the hunter is allowed to purchase his own adhesive for a fraction of what he would be charged for adhesive in the flocking kit.  For adhesive, Rustoleum brush on enamel is recommended as a color matched adhesive.

All kits include: Nylon Flocking, Flocking Applicator, 2- 1" Brushes for Applying Adhesive, Rubber Gloves for Easy Clean Up, 3M Style Dust Mask for Applying Flocking Fibers, Complete Easy to Follow Instructions, Decoy Tips

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