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Our goal at Classic Barnegat Sneakboxes is to provide the serious waterfowler with dependable, rugged gear that can stand up to the abuse of our sport while still maintaining the traditional aspects of our historic sport.More importantly, we strive to provide items that are of the highest quality while still maintaining a reasonable price.


Whether itís a traditional and sturdy boat, hand carved decoys, custom calls, survival suits, or various other items, you can bet that the gear offered at Classic Barnegat Sneakboxes will be of the highest quality and value.



Avalanche Fully Flocked Silhouette Decoys



For years, the only downfall of silhouette decoys is that they shined in the sun causing hard hunted birds to flare.Avalanche Decoys has solved that problem by flocking the entire decoy.This totally eliminates any shine, along with making a silhouette decoy that is truly lifelike.These are the first fully flocked silhouettes on the market and they are UNBELIEVABLE!

Notice the shine on the left decoy compared to

the Avalanche decoy on the right

Even the large decoy makers canít match the great look and construction of these decoys.In addition, the price of $30-$70 per dozen makes these decoys a great value as well.

Eliminate the large trailer full of decoys and the need to drive into the fields.With these decoys, one hunter can easily carry (and afford) 5-6 dozen decoys.


Normal pack consists of:

††† (1) High Looker

††† (1) Semi- Active ( Snake Head)

††† (5) Normal Feeders

††† (5) Aggressive Feeders

A content flock is a feeding flock and a feeding flock builds confidence in approaching geese.


††† Feeder Pack:

††† (6) Normal Feeders

††† (6) Aggessive Feeders


††† Active Pack:

††† (4) High Lookers

††† (4) Low Lookers

††† (4) Semi- Actives (Snake Heads)


††† Sleeper/Rester Pack:

†††† (10) Sleepers

†††† (2) Semi- Resting



In addition, Avalanche Snow Goose Decoys make it affordable and easy to transport, place, and store the large spread required for snow goose hunting.Snows, blues and juveniles are all available for a realistic and affordable spread.






More Items Coming Soon.Check Back Often!!